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I’m sure I’m not the first to have discovered this excellent invention called Skype. And I’m also pretty sure that I’m not the first female to have discovered Skype sex. Skype has taken phone sex to a whole new level.

I moved to Dubai, UAE, seven weeks ago, and my boyfriend and I have been staying in touch (so to speak) through the wonders of Skype. It wasn’t long before certain articles of clothing started coming off. Before we knew it, we were having Skype sex just about every time we spoke. It truly makes me feel like he’s right in the room with me, especially when I have him on full screen.

I have to admit that I was a bit shy, at first, undressing in front of my computer. It’s not something that I often do when I’m at home writing articles for Evolved World or Googling Islam in preparation for my trip. I was also nervous the first couple of times because I had heard that the government still controls the internet and what if some Sheik was looking at my butt cheeks? Could I get into trouble?

I ran my fear by a yoga instructor friend of mine, who works with me. She assured me that the government wasn’t interested in my ass. Why? What’s wrong with my ass? She said that she and her boyfriend had Skype sex for three months while they were a part from each other, and no one ever came knocking at her door. That was the green light that I was waiting for.

I’ve always been a fan of spending time away from my significant other. I love missing him. It makes me feel like we just started dating and everything is all new and shiny. It’s exciting. For me, absence does make the heart grow fonder. But I also know that we can easily slip into the converse, out of sight, out of mind. This is why Skype has become my crack.

Skype sex makes it possible to be away geographically but still stay intimately connected. I’ve got to write a thank-you note to the inventor.

The first time my boyfriend and I had Skype sex, we laughed when we finished. We were 6,000 miles away from each other, naked and vulnerable, having sex, with a keyboard and monitor screen in bed with us. That did take a few sessions to get used to.

Practice makes perfect. I’m proud to say that we’ve gotten really good at it. I don’t think about who might be watching us anymore. Now it’s about, “Can you tilt the screen down a bit more?” Or “Wait, turn around and bend over. No, a little more.” Sometimes, I liken the experience to being in a movie (which I love), a porno movie (which I love even more). I stand in my studio apartment in the Middle East, taking direction from my porn co-star-hyphen-director.

For those not sure of how to start, here are some tips.

1)    Give yourself permission to giggle and get it out of the way.
2)    Do remember that this is your lover or significant other, and he or she has already seen you naked, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. And frankly, you can really control the lighting, so it’s in your favor.
3)    Phone sex can be less inhibiting because you’re not being seen. Angle the computer screen so your partner only sees your body, if that makes you more comfortable.
4)    Put on some music and light a candle. There’s no reason why you can’t set the mood.

Of course there is nothing that can replace the feeling of skin on skin but it’s nice to know that there’s something to bridge the gap until you and your loved one are once again reunited. Until then, say cheese and spread em’.

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