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Where Did All The Movies Go?

where have all the movies gone


My favorite time of year is from October to January. It has nothing to do with the falling leaves, Turkey stuffing or New Year’s.

Nope, it’s because the Writer’s Guild of America mails me movie screeners, almost daily, because I’m in the union and a voting member.

Along with these precious gems, I am also invited to intimate screening rooms around town, with plush seats and nobody in the audience unwrapping candy, to view movies before they hit the local multiplex.

It’s like Christmas morning every morning when I go to my mailbox. That is, or was, until this year. This year saw an empty mailbox and nary a screening invitation anywhere. It has been a sad, sad, season.

It seems that the WGA has rules and regulations, and being a union and all, I can see how they would. One of these pesky little rules states that, as a dues paying member, writers must show that they’ve earned money, working as a writer. Writing. I guess. Whatever.

It’s not like they don’t give you seven years to achieve this, because they do. And they did. I just didn’t.

Shit, I was busy creating and writing other stuff. Stuff and things. Stuff that wasn’t union repped. Wait. Is that legal?

In all fairness to myself, I haven’t been pursuing writing for television or film for many years now. Instead, I decided to go where the big bucks were; The Huffington Post, my personal website, and the occasional Pilates Style Magazine article.

As 2014 comes to a close, and meditate in deep reflection, I can only say, wow, it sure has been a year of break ups; boyfriend, cleaning lady, my parking garage, and now The Writer’s Guild. What, or who’s, next? My dry cleaner? Parents?

A happy and healthy New Year to all.